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Our Voice Matters

Cottonwood Heights citizens should have a chance to learn more about how Ordinance 317-A came about and be allowed to vote on it before it goes into effect.

​​What is the Planned Development District (PDD)?

  • An unusual zoning pathway, intended for unique and valuable projects normal zoning cannot anticipate.

  • The PDD had never been used prior to the Ivory Commercial Plan. 

  • The City and Ivory Commercial used the PDD to further increase the density of a property that normal zoning had already designated as high density. 

What are the implications of Ord No 317-A?


  • It sets a CITY-WIDE precedent.

  • If projects best suited for normal zoning go through the PDD, as it did in this instance, Cottonwood Heights zoning becomes critically unpredictable.

  • The PDD map can be expanded to include areas previously not covered in the PDD, by any developer who applies to the city.

The Ivory Commercial Plan is an ordinance which entails:

  • Transformation of the Walsh Farm into a complex of apartments and parking lots.

  • 3 four-story buildings that will tower over single family residential homes.

  • 204 apartment units in an already overpopulated space without the proper infrastructure to handle increased traffic.

  • Limited commercial benefits for our city.

What will it mean for Cottonwood Heights?

  • Elimination of the last open space in the area.

  • Increased traffic congestion - according to a recent traffic report, 1,112 additional daily car trips in an area with a current traffic score of "D-".

  • Reduces the riparian zone of wildlife.

  • Sets a precedent for misusing our laws to facilitate high density development.

What is the referendum petition?

Enough signatures on the petition will put Ord No 317-A on the ballot in November:

We, citizens of Cottonwood Heights, respectfully order that Ordinance No. 317-A entitled "An Ordinance enacting the PDD-1 Zoning Ordinance; Re-Zoning 5.9 Acres at 6784 S 1300 E to PDD-1; and Amending the Zoning Map" referred to the voters for their approval or rejection at the regular/municipal general election to be held on November 5, 2019


Timeline of Events


April 15th was the last day to sign the petition.

We want to thank Whitmore Library for allowing us to set up at their location this past month!


This campaign is fueled and  funded by concerned community members and citizens of Cottonwood Heights like yourself. There are some hard costs and  every penny counts. Even the smallest donation will make a difference!

Please consider making a donation to support our cause.  

We are concerned citizens of Cottonwood Heights. We love living in Cottonwood Heights and want to see Cottonwood Heights maintain the great quality of life that residents enjoy through preservation of open space/parks and responsible growth.


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