WHO is Unite For CH?

We are citizens supporting an important referendum.

On February 19, 2019, in spite of clearly expressed and all but unanimous citizen opposition, the Cottonwood Heights City Council voted to approve an unusually high density apartment complex development on the one remaining open space in that area of the city, a property often referred to as the Walsh Farm. We are supporting a referendum to repeal the City Council’s unfortunate decision. We strongly support individual freedom and property rights, and we are fully confident that they are not mutually exclusive with responsible growth. Rather, we believe that the key to equitable, sustainable growth is appropriate engagement by the municipal government, which is precisely what was absent in this situation. Please join our cause and sign the petition to send our elected officials the message that Cottonwood Heights citizens will not tolerate our laws being reduced to tools for maximizing the size and profitability of development projects.

If you would like to join the cause:

WHAT Are Our Goals?

Citizen awareness and action.

Cottonwood Heights citizens should have a chance to learn more about how Ordinance 317-A came about and be allowed to vote on it before it goes into effect. This is the perfect opportunity for the community to discuss how it wants the PDD to be used. Enough signatures on the petition will put Ord 317-A on the ballot in November.

The content of this website is the work of volunteers.  We endeavor to share the facts surrounding the high density rezoning of the last large land parcel in the Cottonwood Heights Ft. Union area and to promote the corresponding referendum. If you believe we have made an error in sharing information, please send us an email outlining the potential error with whatever supporting detail you can share.  We appreciate your input in improving the site and making it more informative to the residents of Cottonwood Heights

We are concerned citizens of Cottonwood Heights. We love living in Cottonwood Heights and want to see Cottonwood Heights maintain the great quality of life that residents enjoy through preservation of open space/parks and responsible growth.


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