Thank you for your interest in joining us to #SignThePetition! We want to be clear that this petition is NOT simply against high density housing, nor against affordable housing, nor against property rights.  This petition is about holding the city accountable to the promises made by the PDD ordinance.

What is the PDD? Why did the city design a separate legislative process for rezoning in key areas?

These questions are clearly stated by city ordinance 19.51.020 (A); "Creation of the PDD and the possibility of a future PD Zone designation are provided to encourage mix use development..." 

>> Read the PDD Ordinance HERE << 

To entice property owners to utilize the PDD, rather than the normal zoning process, the city is willing to grant higher density allowances in exchange for concessions that are thought to be essential in retaining the character and quality of life of our city.  These goals can be condensed as: 

1) The project has to be a mix-use development: Incorporates commercial and residential units in order to generate employment, activity centers such as shopping, entertainment, cultural arts, recreational and community centers, healthcare, and public transit. 

2) Encourage opportunities for public transit services that promote multimodal connections at local and regional levels.

3) Housing affordability: The project has to retain no less than 10% of the total residential units at a rate affordable to people that earn no more than 50% of the median income of Cottonwood Heights. 


4) Ensure public and private open space is provided: to retain the quality of life of the community, provisions for connected plazas, parks, green space, and other areas for congregation are to be made a top priority.

So did the city achieve these goals in the proposed development of the Walsh Farm?  The short answer is no. The city went through negotiations that lasted for more than a year. The outcome? They granted the maximum density allowable, while only attaining ONE of out of the four primary goals. We firmly believe that the City Council ignored the recommendation of the planning commission - to deny rezoning as the Walsh Farm application proposed - without proper justification.  The new law sets a precedent which will impact the entire city, and the implications will affect the future development for the rest of the city. For this reason we ask you to SIGN THE PETITION!

We are concerned citizens of Cottonwood Heights. We love living in Cottonwood Heights and want to see Cottonwood Heights maintain the great quality of life that residents enjoy through preservation of open space/parks and responsible growth.


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